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Help Keep Dreams Alive for ISO’s Young Musicians

“What can I do to make the ISO experience more valuable and enjoyable for every student?” That’s the question all of us at ISO ask ourselves every day. This season, we answered that question with the founding of new ensembles (Queens East Orchestra and ISO Flutes), resumed a regular schedule of tours (Symphonic Band to D.C. in February), and made admission to the winter concerts free.

We want all of our students to have unequaled opportunities to make music together. And just as importantly, we must make sure that all children who come to us can participate, regardless of their families’ financial situation.

Tuition fees cover only two-thirds of the actual cost of providing our programs for each child, so every one of our 310 students receives a critical subsidy. But half of our students cannot afford the tuition fees, so we provide scholarships and need-based financial aid to more than 150 of them.

Please help us keep ISO’s programs available to every child who comes to us by making a contribution today. You’ll also be keeping dreams alive for these talented young musicians.

Waddy Thompson, Executive Director