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Financial Aid and Discounts

Financial Aid

September 1: deadline to submit financial aid form for priority consideration

ISO’s goal is to make it possible for every interested young musician to be able to participate in an ensemble, regardless of ability to pay tuition. Financial aid is based on need, and half of our students receive some level of aid. However, due to limited funds any portion of your child’s tuition that you can pay will help our funds to go further.

To apply for financial aid, please submit the financial aid form to our office along with the supporting documents requested in the application prior to auditioning.

Please note that the mandatory application fee is waived only in cases of extreme hardship. Any amount due over a financial aid award can be paid for on a monthly installment plan. Because of limited funds, aid toward tuition will in almost all cases be for less than the full amount.

Family Discount

Families paying ISO tuition for more than one student receive a $300 discount on a full year of tuition for each additional child.*

*This means that this discount only applies when tuition is paid in full either as one lump sum or through payment plan. It does not apply after financial aid is awarded.

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