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Welcome to the InterSchool Orchestras of New York

InterSchool Orchestras of New York (ISO) provides four orchestras for children who have been playing their instruments only a few years, two levels of intermediate orchestras, an intermediate band, and the advanced ISO Symphony. Admission to all groups is through auditions, which are held in January and May. September auditions will only be held for vacancies in the ensembles.

All groups rehearse weekly from early September through mid-May, and each gives at least four concerts: two in a concert hall and two in a community center or school. Instrumental coaches attend all rehearsals and play alongside their students offering assistance and encouragement in all ensembles except the advanced ISO Symphony.

ISO graduates perform with leading orchestras across the country. But whether students pursue careers in music or not, the ISO experience is something that makes a difference for their entire lives.

How to Join

First complete the registration form and pay the $75 application fee, which is refundable if a student is not placed in an ensemble. (See below, if that fee presents a hardship for your family.) You will then be contacted to schedule an audition time.

Fees and Financial Aid

Tuition and fees are listed in the ISO brochure and on the web site. Tuition is $2,000 annually. Tuition can be paid in monthly installments.

Financial aid is available up to 100% of tuition, and half of ISO’s students receive some aid. In cases of extreme financial hardship, the application fee can also be waived. The financial aid application is a simple one-page form, which must be sent in each year with proof of family income, usually with a federal income tax return, W2 form, or public assistance statement.

By November 1 of each season, all students are expected to have paid tuition, set up a payment plan, or submitted an application for financial aid.

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