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Recommended Teachers

The teachers listed below all participate as coaches for ISO ensembles. As such, they have been interviewed and vetted, and we can confidently recommend them to you. All are currently accepting new students. You can click on their names to read their bios. Some have also provided web sites where you can find additional information on them. If you are interested in hiring one of them to teach your child, please contact them directly.


Megan Atchley (violin) Contact:    Web site:

Marina Fragoulis (violin) Contact:    Web site:

Steven Rochen (violin and viola) Contact:    Web site:

Elise Frawley (viola) Contact:     Web site:

Erika Boras (cello) Contact:

Kristen Drymala (cello) Contact:

Grace Han (cello) Contact:

Anne Marie Tranchida (cello) Contact: 718-777-9821    Web site:

Corey Schutzer (bass) Contact:  Web site:


Mary Barto (flute) Contact: or 212-307-6311    Web site:

Jason Brook (flute) Contact: or 917-587-3004

Katie Curran (clarinet) Contact:

Jenn Forese (flute, clarinet, saxophone)   Contact: or 646-537-5921

Mark Sophia (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon) Contact : or 607-426-5252


Bert Hill (French horn)   Contact: or 812-240-1279

Evan Honse (trumpet) Contact: