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SOLD OUT at Carnegie Hall


Those are my new favorite words in the English language, and what a thrill it was to see them on the ISO poster outside Carnegie Hall! From seeing that banner until I left the reception near midnight, the evening was one unforgettable moment after the other. My other personal highlights were:

  • Walking out onto the great Carnegie Hall stage and seeing a full auditorium of ISO supporters
  • The awe in the faces of some of the youngest members of ISO when they first walked out onto that stage
  • Claudius Agrippa’s dialog with Midge Woolsey
  • The beautiful full string sound in Finlandia
  • The brilliant brass and the fluid clarinet solos in Festive Overture
  • The smiles I saw on everyone’s faces the entire evening.

What were your special moments at Carnegie Hall? Share them with us below in the comments section.

Photos from the evening are now available for viewing at ISO’s Flickr page,  All photography from the event is by Adam Hume.

Waddy Thompson, Executive Director