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Student Mentor Program

The Student Mentor Program offers all ISO orchestra students Symphony the opportunity to experience music education from the viewpoint of a mentor or mentee and learn to provide and receive guidance. Student mentors will work with younger members during rehearsals, events, and 1:1 sessions outside of rehearsals. Student mentees will have the opportunity to work with more advanced ISO students throughout orchestra rehearsal and through 1:1 supplemental lessons/guided practice sessions. This program will benefit all ISO students, as mentees will learn how much they can accomplish in the long term if they continue to practice their instrument and participate in ISO ensembles, and mentors will realize how much of an impact they can really have on someone younger than them.

Student Mentors will work with Page Silverman ( Any changes in schedule or absences should be communicated to Mr. Stern at least one week in advance.

Student Mentors/Mentees will also need to maintain excellent attendance in their main ISO ensemble. Exceeding two absences from your regular ensemble rehearsals will result in dismissal from the program.

Mentors are role models for young musicians. Please arrive 15 minutes before rehearsals to help students set up and warm up on their instruments. Mentees are expected to respect their mentors time and efforts and attend all sessions agreed upon.

1:1 Sessions
Students Mentors/Mentees are required to meet weekly to check in on their progress and provide support where necessary. It is up to the participating students to design their schedule and content of each session. All sessions are to be strictly music/ISO based and must remain on task at all times. It is the responsibility of the parent to monitor these sessions as ISO staff will not be present.

First Rehearsal
Introduce yourself to the Conductor of the ensemble and the Coaches who work with your instrument group. Introduce yourself and learn the names of the younger students who are in your section. The Conductor will also introduce you to the ensemble. Music will be provided for you.

During Rehearsals
You will be playing with the students in the ensemble periodically throughout the season. The Conductor and Coaches may ask you to demonstrate passages for the younger students, suggest bowings, fingers, or breath marks. Mentors are expected to exhibit excellent rehearsal etiquette, including the following:

  • No cell phone use during rehearsal.
  • No gum, food, or drink other than bottled water in any rehearsal space.
  • Arrive with instrument and music, 15 minutes before rehearsal, ready to play.
  • Wait until the conductor is finished talking before talking to a student. Conductors will often give time during rehearsal for Mentors and Teaching Artists to provide feedback.

Community Service Credit
Upon completion of a mentorship, all student mentors will receive community service letters from ISO for their college applications.

If you are interested in joining the Student Mentor Program, please email Page Silverman at [email protected] to arrange your schedule.