Symphony! From your conductor,

Dear ISO Symphony musicians,

Thank you for great rehearsal on Wednesday!

We have 10 days left until the concert in Symphony Space. The ISO repertoire should be in your daily diet. I suggest you do the following to prepare and achieve excellent performance:

  1. Play your parts from beginning to end WITH METRONOME, counting the bar rests in real time – do not jump to the next entrance! Set your metronomes to: Beethoven – quarter note equals 148 (even though one beat is half note); Russian Dance – quarter note equals 138; Waltz – quarter note equals 176 (even though one beat is dotted half note).
  2. Below are YouTube links I would like you to use and play your parts along with them. You may find other, that you like better. Best is if you try different recordings. This is an excellent way to practice and establish ensemble habits. The more you do it, the better.
  3. Find the parts you are not comfortable with, and practice them slower using metronome.

Wishing you complete success,



Russian Dance: